With over 18 years experience in the film and television industry Glenn's vast experience includes Australian features, a huge range of big and small TVC's and over 100 music video clips. Glenn's greatest asset is his ability to problem solve any job working with both the DP and production to achieve the best results possible.
Tickets and Licences
Heavy Rigid Truck Licence
High Risk Work License - EWP Over 11m
Drama - Gaffer
Romance is On The Menu  - Feature (2019)
The Butterfly Tree                - Feature (2016)
The Fear of Darkness          - Feature (2014)
Secrets and Lies                    - Mini Series (2013)
The Strange Calls                  - Mini Series (2012)
A Heartbeat Away                - Feature (2011)
Storage                                    - Feature (2008)
48 Shades                               - Feature (2006)
TVC and Music Clip
Over 400 tv commercials and 100 Music Clips for the following DOP's.
Aron Leong, Aaron Morton, Andrew Commis, Ash Carter, Ben Nott, Ben Shirley, Bob Humphries, Brad Francis, Brendan Williams
Callan Green, Charlie Fergussen, David Knight, Earle Dresner, Frank Flick, Garry Richards, Geoff Simpson, Gerard Lambkin, Hugh Miller, Jack Wareham, 
Jason Hargreaves, Jeff Hogan, Jeremy Rouse, John Stokes, Lav Bodarnuk, Marc Windon, Mark Toia, Mark Wareham, Matt Stewart, 
Mike Breseford, Mike Hilburger, Mitch Kennedy, Nick Paton, Paul Seipel, Peter Eastgate, Rich Wang, Ryley Brown, Simon Hammond, 
Simon Chapman, Simon Ozlins, Tony Luu, Tony Oloughlan, Trevor Smith, Tristan Houghtan, Russell Boyd, Brendan Shambrook, Stefan Duscio, Adam Clark, Daniel Maddock, Joel Betts. 

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